OMEGA 300 Series 2 Loop & Drag Lure System (PRE-ORDER)

OMEGA 300 S2 - Continuous Loop & Uptake/Feed-in Drag

Full speed control, 36v to 48v system, for courses up to 330y at full speed of 45MPH, otherwise it will drop in speed as you push it farther, for example over 550y it'll drop to 40MPH.


Loop means the course is one continuous loop using nylon field pulleys, it takes about 10 mins to setup a 300y course, but you can also make it much smaller if you prefer. Great for when you have many dogs to run, or 1 very hypo energetic boy or girl. 

Drag means the line winds back into the machine. So there's no setup apart from walking the lure (end of line) to the desired distance, then it'll simply wind back in via the remote control in your hand. Great for quick hit outs. 


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RRP WILL BE $799.00

Designed with series trainers in mind, as well as short course event holders. Having the two drive options (loop & drag) you'll have all have more ways to use this system. 

The R300 S2 is a powerful yet quite machine. It will pull a lure over a 3 pulley 330y course at 45MPH. With its all metal design, and waterproof case, you can leave it setup in your yard for regular use, or for events like short coursing and Fast CAT!

Each battery lasts approximately 2 hours, and there's enough room to fit another battery of the same capacity, plus you can always have more on hand if need be, they only take 15 seconds to change over. 

What's included in this system? 

  • Ultra modern magnetic motor that will outlast us all
  • Remote with a speedometer on the LCD screen, plus an antenna
  • All metal case that is waterproof, and keeps the battery very safe
  • Solid metal loop & drag (combo) drive wheel with no pinch points
  • 4 anchor points and hold down pegs to tame this beast!
  • 300 yards of loop lure line, and ribbon for something to chase
  • 300 yards of drag braided line for uptake / feed-in runs
  • 2 hour Lithium battery and charger
  • LCD volt meter and battery gauge, and a metal on/off button
  • 3 very safe yet strong nylon field pulleys
  • Training videos to help get you started if you're new
  • 2-year warranty and ongoing support

Alternate case available, see below. It's fully waterproof and can be left setup!


R300 Series 2 Loop & Drag Lure System (PRE-ORDER)